Q) I’ve not danced blues before; can I come?
A: Oh my, yes, we’d love to see you! The blues basics are very accessible. Even if you have two left feet, we promise you will quickly be able to enjoy blues dancing!

Q) I think I may feel a bit intimidated: blues is a close-contact sport, right?
A: No! It’s a common misconception that blues is an “intimate” or even sleazy dance. In fact, much blues is danced in an open position (merely holding hands), and we will be showing you the right stance  to stay comfortable and confident. We cover lots of Blues vocabulary, movement and styling which allows you to dance solo, in open, closed OR embrace, whichever feels right to you at the time.

Q) Can I come on my own or do I need a partner?
A: No partner required! Blues dancing is a social dance, so we rotate partners in class (and at the party), so you all get to meet each other, and everyone joins in the fun.

Q) Do you have student discount/concession pricing at Basement Blues?  A: Yes, and we don’t check for ID – the reason being that if you want the discount, it’s probably for a good reason, and being on a limited budget shouldn’t get in the way of you enjoying Blues.

Q) Hang on, I work hard for my money to afford the things I want. You let anyone just saying they want money off your events get in much cheaper?! A: Scenes benefit from people from all walks of life, and there are premium add-ons available for those who wish to invest (more) heavily in their advancement: private lessons and practica sessions will help you fast track your learning.

Q) How do I book a private blues dance lesson and how much does it cost? A: Simply contact Velody or Faye & Frank directly via email to cottoncityblues@gmail.com or chat with us next time you attend.