Summer 2017

We have a fantastic programme of events coming up for you throughout Summer, leading up to our flagship weekend Cotton City Blues in September! June 4th: Tristan Brightman visits to show us cool moves & spin great grooves. These are designed for all levels, and intended to be taken as a single two-part learning event…

The Followship

The Followship is our newest collaboration with the top in dance talent! It’s mission is to ensure follows benefit from the absolute best on offer from┬ádedicated tutors. Lead by follows, excellence for all. Warming up to this, our own Velody has written a short story to whet our appetites. “The night of the dance arrived….

Cotton City Blues

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*OVER 50% OF TICKETS SOLD AS OF APRIL 8TH* A sneak preview of what’s to come… #cottonreel *TICKETS ON SALE THURSDAY 26TH MARCH AT NOON*

Cotton City Blues

*OVER 70% OF TICKETS SOLD AS OF MAY 16TH* A sneak preview of what’s to come… #cottonreel *TICKETS ON SALE THURSDAY 26TH MARCH AT NOON*

History of blues dancing

Basement Blues team members are clear on the history of blues dance – after years of research and international study with the best blues dancers in the world. In an attempt to not ‘re-invent the wheel’, we will not be (re)writing blues dance history, we will rather be directing you to excellent and well researched…

What is trad blues?

Trad stands for traditional. In recent years, interest in blues dance has increased and the term ‘blues dancing’ has become cool. Which is kind of great. It also can lead to confusion if the term blues is used when little or no blues is being taught/danced at events promoting themselves as blues events. Traditional blues…

Blues dance in Manchester

Weekly traditional blues classes for beginners and beyond! Monthly workshops and socials and a yearly weekend festival Cotton City Blues. All you need to know about blues dance in Manchester is right here. Enjoy listening to blues music, attending blues festivals? There is a whole family of dances that accompany your favourite styles of Blues…

Blues is here to stay

Blues dancing for the discerning dancer… Whether you are brand new to blues or a seasoned veteran, blues dance in Manchester has something for you: Blues Thursdays Monthly workshops & party first Sunday of the month Cotton City Blues weekend September 23rd-26th 2016 Check out our info pages for more on what has lead blues…