The Followship


The Followship is our newest collaboration with the top in dance talent! It’s mission is to ensure follows benefit from the absolute best on offer from dedicated tutors. Lead by follows, excellence for all. Warming up to this, our own Velody has written a short story to whet our appetites.

“The night of the dance arrived. I had spent a lot of money on a new dress and hours doing my hair and make up. I arrived early doors, to make sure I got a seat in a spot where I could hear, but not be deafened by, the band. Then a swift wine from the bar – I’d learnt not to bring my own supplies to these things anymore! I would put on a smile and acknowledge the familiar or friendly looking follows (aka ‘the competition’). It was a sad fact that I’d come to know – unless you were a superstar follow on tour, an ‘advanced’ local, or you had literally no shame and grabbed leads as they were still attached to their previous partner – nights could be long. And lonely…”

Read it here in full:

The Followships’ debut event takes place November 26th in Manchester, with the lovely Vicci Moore. Adamo will be onhand to assist the leads too. So save the date!




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