History of blues dancing


Basement Blues team members are clear on the history of blues dance – after years of research and international study with the best blues dancers in the world. In an attempt to not ‘re-invent the wheel’, we will not be (re)writing blues dance history, we will rather be directing you to excellent and well researched existing articles. Here is one.

More great resources to find out more about blues dancing below:

Written by our very own Velody, a fun article: Why try blues dancing?

Seriously in-depth blues idiom dance essay and recommended reading list by Damon Stone.

Resources and inspirational videos and film:

Spirit Moves,  Where We Danced,  2014 competitions,  a bit of fun.

Traditional Blues ambassadors we suggest you check out:

Damon Stone is generally regarded as one of the foremost authorities on Blues dance. He is clear on what it and isn’t Blues – and he wants you to be too! He was a guest on this first podcast by the Blues Dance World. If you’re serious about blues dancing you’ll want to check out Damon’s blog.

Brenda Russell is a standout blues dance instigator and travels extensively, focusing on raising blues dancing’s game via competitions and curriculum. Often running week-long blues camps for the super-committed dancer, Brenda extrapolates on her unique approach here.

Dave Madison has done a huge amount to propagate blues around North America and Europe. He began BluesCal – a fantastic dance listing calendar. Velody met him in the spring of 2008 when she started her blues journey and you can read more about him here.

Ruby Red is a good friend of Basement Blues, having instructed and DJ’d for us at our blues weekends in 2013 and 2015 and is both inspiring and award-winning. She is a world champion blues dancer as both a Follow and Lead. Read more about Ruby here.

Velody launched Basement Blues in 2012 to bring blues to her home city of Manchester, with help of local lindy hoppers and recent blues converts; Kat and Mike Birks and Nina Heaton (who had also been part of creating Manchester Lindy). By this time Vel had been traveling extensively for 4 years to learn with the best instructors she could afford! By then the local lindy scene was flourishing and she wanted to focus on blues (with a little balboa thrown in for good measure).


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