Blues dance in Manchester

Weekly traditional blues classes for beginners and beyond! Monthly workshops and socials and a yearly weekend festival Cotton City Blues. All you need to know about blues dance in Manchester is right here.

Enjoy listening to blues music, attending blues festivals? There is a whole family of dances that accompany your favourite styles of Blues and we are here to help you delve into them. Our instructors work internationally, promoting excellence and accessibility in class. Just as our DJs spin world class music at dance parties and festivals.

Basement Blues bring you a comfortable, informative and enjoyable experience at ALL of our events! Manchester spearheads the traditional blues dance scene in the North West.

Our instructors Velody and Faye and Frank have dedicated years to their own personal learning and will ‘hand hold’ you as much as you need whilst you take your first steps out on the dancefloor.

*Full instructor bios post coming soon!*


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